First Two Weeks With An Apple Watch!

I am going to be straight with you; I love Apple products however this doesn’t mean I don’t believe they are without issues or flaws. If this review seems too bias, it is because this product is good, and not that I worship the ground Apple walks on. They may own my soul due to the amount of Apple products I own, but I still am acutely aware of their issues.
So let’s start with the watch; this has changed the way I structure my days and interact with my phone. I now reply to most of my messages with my watch, mostly through dictation which has got a whole load better, by the way, I seriously don’t remember it being this good. If an email comes in and it’s not crucial bam! Dealt with it on the watch. It’s crazy I can control my Apple TV and iMac which makes me feels like a secret undercover spy. No matter how hard I try, I still can’t grow up 😊.  If you’re old enough remember when flip phones came out, well my 15-year-old self thought he was so cool because he could flip open his phone. As much as I now cringe at my younger self for that, this how I feel with my Watch, like the king of the world!
Anyway, let us focus back on the product and not how cool it makes me feel. I think once you become a Dad the word cool doesn’t apply to you anymore! 😊
The Twitter app on the watch is allowing me to interact better with my followers as I try to increase my user base. It gives me nudges when people follow me and allows me to interact with small and straightforward direct messages.

The most desirable feature though has to be the fitness and health aspect, any day now this is going to turn me into a super fit muscley male specimen. The watch tracks my activity and exercises throughout the day, along with making sure I don’t sit down for too long. It reminds me to get up and walk around if I remain sitting too long! As a programmer I spend a lot of time in front of the computer and the goal system on the watch is making me stick to its targets. It turns life into an RPG game, got to get that next dam fitness achievement, let’s hope they don’t add any ridiculous ones because the obsessive compulsive part of me will have to do it. Got to unlock that next achievement!
The workout section allows me to pick an exercise and the watch tracks it, going for a swim in the ocean yesterday for half an hour it identified my dominant stroke along with my distance thanks to the series two built-in GPS,  accelerometer and gyroscope.
The weirdest part for me was the fact the watch reminds me to be still a few times a day and just to focus on my breath, thus allowing me with vibration to concentrate on my breathing and bring my hearts BPM down. As a programmer, I do feel this is an excellent feature as it reminds me to get out of my head and relax, greatly helps to stimulate new ideas.

Last but not least let’s talk battery life, this thing kicks ass! Lasts about two days and that includes me answering calls, text and emails along with at least one workout session tracking GPS.
Overall I still think the Apple Watch has a long way to go; the biggest downside is how many functions you loose when you are not connected to your iPhone. I can’t wait for the technology to improve. However, for now, the watch is waterproof, and I think this is an excellent time to get an Apple Watch. Fitness tracker and GPS works amazing even without the iPhone being connected. The battery, in my opinion, is great considering how small the watch is and its workload. If your looking for a smart watch that is stylish and full of useful features, Apple has made a product worth buying in Apple Watch Series 2.