Today At Apple – Sphero

So on Saturday Niamh and I hit up the Apple Store for “Today At Apple”. We got there a bit early, so we decided to have a mess around with some of the things we do not yet have at home, cue iPad pros with those weird pens. We tried out Adobe Sketch and decided to draw each other see below if you want a laugh.

I think my daughter purposely drew me bad for a laugh whereas I tried and ended up with a very weird picture if you have not guessed drawing is not my skill.

So let’s cut straight to the event. Today Apple were teaching kids how to program a Sphero robot. I have to admit sitting there watching the kids play with them made me want one. There were only five children at the event, but this allowed the teacher to spend time with each kid. They started off messing around and controlling them and then moved to programming them to make shapes. My daughter struggles with maths but the teacher made time to help her, and she succeeded.

The last task was programming the Sphero to navigate a maze. The kids had to use speed, angles and time settings to achieve this. It was a challenge but once again from the support given by the Apple guys as we shall call him Niamh managed to succeed.


For me, it was not as impressive as the advert, but I will save my judgement until I have been to a session more catered for me. Niamh, on the other hand, enjoyed it, although a mental challenge she had a great time and wants to go again.

We went to Smiggle’s afterwards as my daughter needed a smelly pencil case, apparently there all the rage now at school.


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