Today At Apple

So Apple has hit the ground running with a creative workshop program, put simply the idea is sessions of inspiration including everything from music, dance to coding. Apple are fantastic at advertising if you watch the video, it’s amazing how fresh and creative they make the environment seem. I hope this is captured in the real session.

I have already got my daughter booked into the next Sphero session so I can see if it lives up to the hype. The whole premise behind this workshop will be to ignite imagination and creativity in the kids by allowing them the chance to build a maze and programme their robot through it. I will, of course, give my feedback in a follow-up post. Now the downside of Apple is alway the price point; it can be a big jump to own an Apple device however Apple will be providing iPads and Robots for you to use if you don’t have your own. A nice touch.

If you haven’t seen the video watch it here:

If we take a step back about how exciting some of these sessions look it is evident that Apple is changing the shopping experience. There moving from shopping to an experience almost encouraging us to interact with each other, using technology for more than just staring at the screen. There must be something in this for the staff as well; Apple has one of the highest retain rates for retail staff, reported at 81% in 2015. They must be doing something right. Personally, I want to know what there stockpiling that money for.

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